My Dad rides a hipster bike.

My Dad used to ride his ’79 LeTour III as a college kid at Michigan State every day. But now, it needs be more comfortable for his aging back…so I chucked the drop bars (I lied…they’re stored safely…this bike was all original) for some riser bars from a mountain bike, and some gel grips we had lying around the garage with the period-specific Schwinn ‘S’ on them. I popped an extra Masi synthetic/rivet/springer seat on for a taste of comfort and style.

After riding it…I want it. It’s comfortable and still quite speedy, and posesses the great feel that Japanese steel offers a rider. Standing up and pedaling isn’t the most comfortable, because like most shops in the 70’s, they ‘fit’ my Father with a frame one size too large…and in turn, it is a size too large for me as well. But that size offers a bit more flex and perspective…fitting for a casual riding bike for a 48-year-old man.

So suck on it hipsters. I know it’s not a fixie or a stupid-ass single speed, but it kind of looks like a hipster’s steed…or a hybrid.

Enjoy. And try this a home if you have an old roadie sitting in the garage. You may find a renewed love for cycling with a refreshed mount.


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