X Games 16 crap

TP won the speed and style even during X Games 16 yesterday (if there was any doubt). The combo of tricks and speed is lame and contradictory, but at least time is weighted. He won by 5 seconds, and still looked relaxed, even though there was only one dirt berm, and the rest were up on their weird rubber down-ramp surfaces. More photos here.

MASS confusion during both rally events made it disappointing, then later, hilarious. For the normal head-to-head rally race, the track was changed from practice, to qualifying, then again before the heat races began. So all but ONE race was flagged, from the heat races to the final. Garbage. No video, because it was worse than peeing out your butt.

But then, onto SUPER RALLY! This, of course, was taken from Europe, because all of the coolest motorsports shit comes from across the pond. Tanner Foust won, because he does this kind of racing for a living.
The final was hilarious…well more like everything after the flag was…and Brian Deegan made me hate him less…which makes me hate myself.

HD VIDEO of final HERE.

And TP was nowhere to be seen in either event because his car puked. His perfectly timed rhetoric saying that “these Subaru’s are usually very reliable” slayed me. Ken Blocks car also shat on him…I believe in both events as well. Good work Subaru.

In a slightly related note, here is some video of Kenny from the Block amazingly tying former F1 champ Kimi Raikkonen in some euro super rally. I searched for an hour to find this video (I had seen it a year or two ago) and had to post it because of that effort alone.

And Curren Caples surprised the shit out of me.

I saw him a while back in some random youtube skate video…and the only reason I remembered him was because of his tweaked name. He got 4th behind some huge names. He’s only 14, so I’m sure he’ll be around again next year. He handled his interview spots well for a 14-year-old too. I was pleasantly surprised…especially because it looked like ESPN ambushed him each time. Here’s a write-up on his upper-middle class adversity at Red Bull’s athlete news site.

And apparently Christian Hosoi, Steve Caballero, and other gods competed in “Skateboard Park Legends” competition, and I want to cut off a toe because I missed it. Hosoi was my Alva. Ever since I saw him in Thrasher mag wearing sunglasses just like Tony Alva did, I thought he was a larger-than-life skate god (I wasn’t a skate kid…I did BMX, but I thought the cultures melded well). I can’t find any pictures of the throwback course…or video. Still looking.


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