Chicago PARK(ing) day

To any cyclists riding through our beautiful neighborhood that is Lakeview, please stop by and participate and enjoy:

Our PARK(ing) Day theme this year is a “Bicycle Refueling Station” featuring free food, live music, bike parking, and relaxation areas. With a higher percentage of street space currently allocated to vehicles and gas stations, and only a fraction allocated to the public realm, the bike refueling station is the bicyclist’s non-gas, rest stop. Moss will “lease” the entire block of parking spaces for the day and convert them into a bike and pedestrian friendly oasis. The oasis will be complete with trees, shrubs, and green sod, donated by Grand Street Gardens and Lake Street Landscape Supply. The oasis relaxation stations provides a respite where weary bikers can kick-back and enjoy a cold beverage and a snack, provided by Southport Grocery, lounge on hammocks supplied by Uncle Dan’s Outdoor Store, and enjoy live music.

More here:
PARK(ing) Day 2.0, September 17


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