I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

Am I the only one who knows the fully functionality of mini V-Brakes?

I dropped my canti’s immediately from my shiny motobecane because I had Tektro RX-5’s ready to be mounted. I like running hot into the corners, and I wanted the power of the V-Brakes.

Here are the other issues I’ve seen brought up on the interwebs:

Q: How do you open the brakes to change tires (for whatever reason)? I don’t want to have to unscrew the cable stop or re-adjust from the barrel adjuster.

A: The noodle is not attached to the cable stop…PULL IT OUT! The brake will pop open. Pull out your wheel. Fix and/or trade it out. Put the noodle back into the cable stop.

Q: I don’t they need more cable travel that canti’s?

A: Yes, because I’m using SRAM levers, I had to run the pads close to the rim.

Q: But won’t that reduce mud clearance?

A: This is not an issue for me. I want immediate brake response, and mud clearance isn’t an issue in the midwest, where the rain drains quickly, and we’ve had low rain numbers as well.

So, this is a personal choice. But the brakes function stronger and quieter than canti’s, guaranteed.

I never had a 2nd thought about switching them.

Also, a fix for the worry wort are travel agents.

I will be buying TRP CX-9’s for my bike (whatever it is, hopefully a spooky if I find one used or new in my size) next season.


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