Parts waiting for my frame from Spooky Bikes…patiently waiting…I really want to try out the Fulcrum 5 CX’s that I got for it too.

With my new race/training bike coming, the Motobecane will be relegated to full-time commuting duty. I gave it a quick spray at the car wash and a tune-up and I don’t hate it as much as I did last week. It’s actually endearing that this affordable bike with middle-of-the-road parts has been chugging along through a racing season, brutal winter commuting duty, and now some heavy training (180+ miles a week) without a single major mechanical issue. Even through the cross season I made it without a single mechanical DNF.

My challenge tires are starting to let go, though. The grippy, soft tread that was hand-glued the supple carcass is starting to quit. The edges are peeling…and I don’t know how much longer it’s gonna last. But GOOD NEWS!!!! I got some 28mm Armadillo’s for the Motobecane…so it will be set for the summer.



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