Now for some dirty work. A review: TRP CX-9’s.



I used some Tektro mini-v’s last season with decent, but squishy results. They were much better than the couple sets of canti’s I tested, but I still could feel some flex.

It was hard to maintain my glee whilst mounting these beauties. They felt substantial. Light, and solid. They were shiny at one point. I have a photo somewhere of their newness, but I don’t care to find it.

TRP made these so well they were worth every penny. The positive feel and incredible stiffness make them my pick for dry to moderately muddy cross racing. And if you mount travel agents, no amount of mud will stop these beasts.

The pads have shown minimal signs of wear after 2 months of daily street beatings and weekly cross practice. Even a few slogs through mud and water after the weeks of rain we’ve had here in Chicago were dealt with expeditiously by the CX-9’s. No grimy or slippery feedback. The pads still feel soft and grabby without disintegrating after a big squeeze of the levers.

A steel or aluminum 29’er is the next bike on the list of wants and another pair of these will be stopping me on that frame.


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