A break from the nothing…

…for an awesome bike that may actually come to the states. The Super Tenere has come thanks I hope in part to the guys and gals on ADV Rider and Ride Dual Sport.

Here’s the 660 Tenere (NOT the Super Tenere) all decked out with bits from Touratech.


!!February 2012 Update!!

I spoke to a Yamaha rep at IMS Chicago last week and he said this will probably never come to the US in this orientation. The snag? Price. Yamaha thinks that not enough people would pay the probable $7000-ish price for this beast, because dual-sporters tend to have alligator arms.

The only light at the end of the tunnel would be a motor size increase. If a 700cc+ output motor was issued by Yamaha in Europe, it would have a sliver of hope of floating to this side of the sea. We can only continue to hope, and continue to ride the comparatively crappy dual-sports that are offered here.


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