Motobecane Fantom Cross Pro: The Final Incarnation.

Words all capitalized. Yeah. It’s that final.

Single-speed cross/commuter/winter bomber slay-weapon. It’s fun as ever. Bunny hopping with bigger tires is also less nerve-wracking. You can get a 42mm in up front and a properly measured 38mm or a generous 36mm tire in the rear (38mm WTB pathways on Aksium rims do not fit).

I’m still shopping for fenders, but it rolls and rides as good as it’s going to. Good stuff. Forgiving enough for a comfy ride, and stiff enough to take some hard pedaling.

I’ll be racing it in December at the Afterglow. It will be the first race after my cast gets cut off.

And that’s right…I’ve found a magic gear ratio. With this 56 frame, a 44t Salsa front chainring and a 16t freewheel cog, the chain is taut. I found it after I cut too many links out of my chain after I set it up with a Forte single speed “derailleur”.

So, when you upgrade, don’t forget about your first real bike. I felt bad seeing the frame rot in my bike crap closet. It’s happy now.


4 thoughts on “Motobecane Fantom Cross Pro: The Final Incarnation.

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  2. Bike looks good, was easy to adjust/assemble. Was a bit heavier than expected, but that isn’t a real concern of mine. I’m not going to throw on the spandex and join in on race day just yet. Bike is stiff, nimble, and with ulterga down to the socks… shifts smoothly. This bike will get me to work all Summer and help me train a bit as I plan on touring n maybe race. Wanna spend a few days and nights cruising through the sierra with friends. Bike seems up to the challenge. the 6066 frame is a bum killer but I don’t want anymore kids anyway. This frame should help that cause. The carbon fork is lovely. All in all the bike has impressed me. It’s replacing a Gary Fisher that I’ll keep for real mtbin’. Bike is awesome. Good deal. If ya have even more money to burn… go steel.

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