Fatbike stuff

I’ve wanted a fatbike for about a year, but after riding both the Mukluk and Pugsly with Johnny Sprockets, and seeing Iron Cycles’ cross pug, I’m fiening.

So, here’s a bunch of cool stuff I’ve found looking around.

Colorful Darryls.

Moots FrosTi.

Internally geared fatbike.

Mike Curiak’s Iditabike. Moots FrosTi with a trailer.

Sandman Bikes. All they make are Fatties.

White Brothers makes a carbon fork for the beasts.

Some good-lookin’ fatbikes.


One thought on “Fatbike stuff

  1. Hey Mike, very impressive resume! I am living in Denver. Moved here in 2000.
    An old friend from the past! I will have to look you up when I am passing through. Jamie

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