Review: Mavic Fury MTB shoes, Terra Grip shoe covers, Altium MTB gloves, and my beef with Mavic.

I’m what you would consider a fanboy. I love Spooky. I love Electric. I love Sram. I love Mavic…and the latter can get me into trouble sometimes.

Mavic drives me crazy. Their GP4 tubular and clincher wheels from the 70’s and 80’s are still rolling today, some with 20k+ miles on them. My Aksium wheels have been beat to hell in ‘cross, and they’re still true a year and a half later. My Mavic Fury mountain bike shoes are almost unbreakable.

Then, stuff like they’re Altium gear will fall apart. My jersey is in a landfill somewhere. I owned it for 2 weeks, and then trashed it because of ripped seams. My MTB gloves ripped the second time I put them on. My terra grip booties had a ripped zipper seam after putting them on 3 times. But even that stuff felt great for the first few times I put them on. And yet I still buy their stuff. Mavic slays me.

Now, let’s go product by poduct. The good comes in part 1: my Mavic Fury mountain bike shoes. These are the 2011 models. I love them to death. No shoe I have owned has held up like this.

I have worn them for at least an hour a day for the last year (they were a Christmas gift from my parents in 2010), except for the 8 weeks I was out for my broken arms. Literally, every day. Commuting, riding, practicing, and racing. They held through it all. Except for the buckle I broke in a fall, they have operated flawlessly. The ratchets work great even when packed with mud. The velcro straps haven’t stretched, and will hold tight all day.

The fit and the feel are great for my flat, wide feet. The carbon outsole is still stiff as hell. So stiff, I can’t wear my cheaper Specialized MTB shoes and road shoes. They’re just too flimsy. The shoes are crazy light, just like all Mavic stuff. I have been so mean to them. No cleaning, no grease on the spike holes, running dismounts on pavement, soaking wet rides in the summer, salty rides in the winter. Not to mention the two long cyclocross seasons here in Chicago, and a couple brutal falls on the pavement. The sole has held, the knobs have barely worn, and all closures still work perfectly.

They were worth every penny of the $250 I paid from Chain Reaction Cycles. I will be buying the new models sometime during the summer. They look sick:

On to the “feels awesome for one ride then explodes” gear.

This is another thing that gets me buying Mavic, and probably tricks others too: their stuff feels amazing when its brand new. So on the rack in a bike shop, it feels better than sex. Then, after a few rides, the garments start taking a dump.

The quickest to go, were a pair of Mavic Altium mountain bike gloves. The very first time I put them on, I heard seams ripping. About the third time, the wrist seam separated. They feel alright, and again, are crazy light. Seems to be a trend…

Yeah. Frownface.

The same thing happened with the pair of Terra Grip Shoe Covers. Seams went south, zippers popped, ect. They felt great at first, and kept me toasty and dry for the first few rides…then…explosion. The collars stayed up, the zippers didn’t let any water in, then…disintegration.


But it looks like Mavic is stepping its bootie game up:

Belge/knit booties

Thermo cover

h2o Covers

They look strongggg!!!

I’ll be buying at least 2 of these three in the next few months, so, hopefully, I can report back with good news.


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