Needs more squish! Full-suspension fatbike!

Photo: Salsa Bikes

Salsa is building a fully suspended prototype fatbike! They say it may or may not be built for the public, but if they don’t, you can be sure somebody else will. It’s not really Surly’s thing, but 9:ZERO:7 and others could possibly offer one in the future.

Blog post from Salsa about their prototype: Prototype Talk: Full-Suspension Fatbike

Some of the finer points on this frame: a tapered head tube for front-end strength. A curved seat tube to allow more clearance to bring in the rear tire, in order to keep the wheelbase at a reasonable length for quick handling. A rear suspension linkage design intended to keep the rear stiff, yet still offer compliance. Good stuff. I still haven’t dropped the coin down to buy a Pug or Necromancer, and the way this winter is going here in Chicago is going (no snow) I might wait to see how these pan out.

Also, I totally forgot to take a photo, but I saw a Moonlander at Higher Gear in Highland Park on a ride. The paint is beautiful…a spacy-looking blue-ish black sparkle. And the fatter tires made the Moonlander dwarf the Pugsley next to it. Looks like a blast. The bike I saw was for a higher-up at Sram. XO on a fatbike…good stuff.


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