It works, folks. It does. Don’t be scared. Just order one. They cost around $15, and will change your cross bike forever.

After my mechanical at Barry-Roubaix, I went from having nothing but a Paul’s retainer on my seat tube to two rings, a front derailleur mit ze umlenker, and k-edge chain keeper. Nothing to everything. Clean to clutter.

But all of it works. I HATE mechanical DNF’s, so any part that prevents them works for me. That’s the reason I went to a 1×10 setup in the first place. But considering the problems I’ve had with it lately, and my increase in strength and speed, the double rings make sense now.

Some people worry about the line the cable takes…fear not…I flail like a freak during flying remounts (double entendres abound) and I haven’t snagged it yet.

Don’t get too excited about the black and white…it’s for technical use only.


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