Crashing is stupid.


Crashing on a bicycle while training is stupid.

Especially with racing and sometimes with training, all it takes is a quick lapse in judgement or concentration to put you on the ground, in pain, and maybe even in the hospital.

It’s all fairly avoidable, but I’m usually the idiot that finds trouble without looking for it. This time, it was a gap in the concrete on the lake shore path near the planetarium. Other times it has been ice, a wet corner, or other such treachery that the weather Chicago can dish out. But they have one thing in common: I was trying to look and feel like Tom Boonen at Roubaix while training in inclement weather.

I was going too fast in a tight area when it was too cold and wet out. My rear tire got caught in the crack, then was shot out sideways. Usually I can maneuver my way out of these issues, but no so this time…it was wet and my tires were super cold. I made it though 5+ days of mountain bike riding in Arizona with only a super-slow speed fall into a thorn tree, yet the first day I’m on the bike back in Chicago, I toss myself high side onto the pavement.

*I took photos of bloody legs. If blood makes you ill, stop reading.

Both knees were scrubbed by the pavement, tearing my leg warmers open then going through my skin.



My kit was ripped apart all the way up the right side of my body. My bibs from Twin Six did not give way, but my jersey pockets or the jersey side panel did not make it through.



My cell phone screen is toast:


My gloves are done:


My shoes took a beating:


And I have to wear bandages for a night:


Cur-Ad Hold-Tite, and any variation of elastic tapes such as Elastikon are a must-have for any cyclists first-aid kit. You could ride easily with this stuff on, and you’ll see pros get patched up with this stuff as well.

Moral of the story: don’t try to look like a semi-pro bad ass when your training in garbage weather. It just never works out in your favor.


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