The new paradigm: posing.

We live in what I consider and awkward time.

We have the world at our fingertips, revolutionary or evolutionary advancements are our daily reality. We a bathed in convenience and luxury. Now because of this, people with means look endlessly for the new “authentic” and “legendary” experience to hold over the heads of their peers, and soft guys who have gone from suburb kid to city yuppie are constantly trying to bridge the gap between their pampered life and feeling like a “man”.

Enter companies such as Wilderness Collective.

They offer fully-supported “off-road” motorcycle rides for the uninitiated, uninformed, coddled, and foolish. Artisan food is served, tents are delivered instead of carried on the bike, and it takes more than 3 days to ride 334 miles.

Watch the video, and feel your stomach turn.

I pride myself on being fairly authentic in what I do and what I’ve done in my life. I was taught to do (what used to be) simple, ubiquitous things like start a fire, chop wood, fixing a car, driving a tractor, and so on…things that most rurally raised children are taught. But now, exponentially fewer children are exposed to a “do it yourself” environment. I rode and raced bmx and motocross as a kid, along with playing most normal public school sports along with them.

With these sports as tools, my father preached his method of getting things done: no flash, just get things done well, and the right way. My dirtbikes and bicycles were used and modestly upgraded, and I was to let my riding do the talking. Same with stick and ball sports: no flare, just business. Enjoying the race, ride, or game was the point of doing it in the first place, and doing things well only furthered the enjoyment. Companies like Wilderness Collective are the opposite of what I was taught and the way I was raised.

Maybe that’s why I hate the concept so deeply. But even so, the philosophical crap (either forced or volunteered) shows that these people can’t just have fun. They have to make it into an event, legend, or epic to make themselves feel like they’re authentic people or to try to connect with people who do these thing on their own.

These trips are all just contrived for the sake of useless peoples’ egos.

Want a real adventure? Hook up with Helge Pedersen at GlobeRiders. I can’t even explain how much more you’d get for your money.

And a bonus just to show you I’ve done shit: Me and a family friend riding around our practice track. I’m on the big CR.


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