Mavic mountain bike drooling.

I’ve been contemplating some all-mountain shoes for bombing around in, and Mavic has a delicious option in the Crossmax Enduro shoe.p4pb9727197

Most all-mountain or downhill shoes are lame and/or super dorky. See Shimano’s AM-41 (blah). But these are Mavic yellow. So they’re better.

Also to be coveted are these new Crossmax Enduro rims with new matching tires (which I don’t think they say, but must be UST) which just became available this month.


They come in 650b (as well as 26″), so they stand as another reason to return my damn Supertouch frame to Spooky to get a 650b Darkside, then build it as a bike that eats any other bike’s lunch, dinner, and next morning’s breakfast standing still. Seriously considering having a MTB and a road bike as my only bikes. Tired of owning cross and mountain bikes that I ruin.

Check out more Mavic stuff at Pinkbike.


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