Mavic consumption: Rush shoe and Single-Track glove first look.


So…I destroyed a second set of Fury’s.

But surely that isn’t enough to keep me from running back to suckle at the Mavic teet.

I bought a pair of Rush’s for the possibly long wait before new Fury’s are available, as there is a new alpe duez/zellium shoe on the way.

The shoe itself is shaped like the lower-end road shoes, and is much less comfortable for my gnarly flat foot (with Specialized footbeds inserted). The slim body of the fury holds my heel and toe much more comfortably. The insole that comes with the Rush is very soft, but offers little support. Venting looks sufficient, and the full straps work much better than the little velcro tabs on a string that are sewn into the Fury’s.

The sole is also very flexible compared to that of the Fury. But I feel that speaks more the the problem with riding a race shoe every day: you become spoiled and jaded.

There are positives in the more squidgy sole characteristic, though. The softer sole will help with executing the heel drop technique on a mountain bike, and it will make running and climbing easier for riders that are new to wearing mountain bike shoes, offering more feel than the completely rigid carbon outsoles on the yellow pair.

Here they are, against my latest generation Fury’s:


For $130 retail, they look good, have a grippy sole, removable spikes (no tool included like with the fury), and will get the job done.




The Single Track glove however, at first look, made my man parts fizz. Clad with Pittard leather, shaped for a great fit for my bear paws, and a light feel made me want to ride ASAP. I’ve ridden with them for about 15 hours now, on-road and off. They’re proving to be comfortable on the flat bar and In my Sram hoods on the ‘cross bike, which is supremely important when cross season rears its ugly head in a month or so.


I will be giddy until the yellow fades. After that, if these bits don’t fall apart next week, I’ll write a more complete review.


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