SRAM road shifters with mountain derailleurs.

Photo courtesy of Snowy Mountain Photography.

I’ve had a few people ask the question…does it work? With the new single-ring offerings from Wolf Tooth Components (review to come from two teammates), XX1, X01, and people wanting to rock larger cassettes on their ‘cross bikes or mountain bikes with the already proven X9 and X0 derailleurs, there are many setups where a person could want to mate SRAM brifters with SRAM mountain derailleurs.

You can’t see the full bike above (peep the busted left lever though), but I’m rocking a Rival shifter combo with an X9 Type-II long-cage rear derailleur, and a 1×10 drivetrain. It worked great with a 11-32 cassette (could be worse with larger cassettes). It moved my formerly fat butt around a cross course for 2 or 3 races when I doubled up classes. The setup was a blast on the Karate Monkey and made ‘cross racing more fun. Here is a crappy photo of it. Forgive the crappiness, the K-Monkey was setup like this for only a couple months almost a year ago.


I don’t really any setup secrets, because it was easy-peasy. You just have to make sure you get an in-line barrel adjuster in the shift housing line, because there is no barrell adjuster on the type-II derailleurs, and the brifters lack the adjuster a Sram mountain shifter would have.

I was also rocking Avid BB-7 mountain mechanical discs with the road levers. Again, add an in-line barrell adjuster, and have them set up by an experienced mechanic. They can work well, they just need to be set up well. If you have 10-speed hydro shifters, all the better.

That’s it. Now, feel free to throw some drop bars on your mountain bike, or a big cassette on your ‘cross bike, and thrash a trail, a ‘cross course, or dirt road, or all three.


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