Clement MXP mud race review

clement MXP

clement MXP

I slogged though a mud race in Wisconsin with this tire on the front, and I wanted to write a little blurb about its mud performance.

I didn’t bother to read it’s description from Clement, but the tire looks to be an all-purpose ‘cross tire like the grifo, but leaning toward the more aggressive, muddy side.

The tire would pack in the slime, but would clear enough to see exposed tread. I could feel it grip even though it was gummed up, and it would clear out if I rode through a little bit of water (a pro tip for mud racing: most people avoid clear standing water…use it to clean your tires and bike out).

For a $50 all-around tire, it performed admirably. The PDX would probably perform better in the mud, but this tire rocks in dry grass and hard pack, and it’s available when the PDX is usually out of stock.


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