A day full of free time and some bicycles can be dangerous…because Wednesday might have been too much of a good thing.

A couple of good friends and teammates got together to fool around on our ‘cross bikes and we ended up being out and about for 6 hours.

We visited the north location of our team shop Johnny Sprockets, and a fellow teammate suggested we check out LaBagh woods. We were given some weak directions and an intersection and we headed out, ill equipped.

Three people. Three bottles of water. One package of Powerbar Gels. Two spare tubes. Fresh spring 80 degree heat.

We weren’t planning on doing anything like this, but we’re irresponsible, and we had the whole day.

Adventure time!

It was lightly documented via cell phone with help from Sean and Joe.

We had trouble believing something like this sits inside the city limits.




We brought two ‘cross sized tubes between the three of us. One tube was new, one was patched.¬† We got two flats. Guess what was up with the patched tube?




Sean tore off to Iron Cycles for a couple tubes. We repaired the leak and headed Southeast, as to not press our luck.


This is why bicycles are the greatest man-made objects in the world. We enjoyed 6 hours of goofing off and pushing the limits of equipment that was not optimum for the task at hand, which only adds to the fun. It’s truly amazing how much fun you can have being out on bikes, and amongst all of our seriousness surrounding training for cross season, days like this are needed. If you have a rest day in your training schedule, this is how you should spend it.

We were bunny hopping logs, charging up and down the biggest hills we could find, and traded bikes, as we all were on different steeds. I on my full-rigid Karate Monkey, Sean on my Specialized Crux Pro Disc (his Crux Pro is being built), and Joe on his Crux Pro canti rig.

The Cruxes performed predictable and comfortably in rutty, rooted, steep, and muddy terrain,¬†poignantly proving that you don’t need a dual-suspension mountain bike to ride single track. My K-Monkey was about the perfect bike for this job, offering more hooning opportunities with its fat tires and hydraulic discs, but I know the other two miscreants had more fun on the out of place ‘cross bikes.

Even with the mechanicals and short supply of spares, I wouldn’t trade that day for anything. Sean fell a couple times, Joe rubbed his brake pads raw, I had to help fix everybody’s bike at some point, and we ate at Superdawg. Good day.

We’re doing this again tomorrow. You should do it sometime too.


It might be time to say goodbye to the multi.

I can’t really afford her anymore. $100/month just to insure, and I ride my bicycles so much more (less stressful). I think I’ll purchase an XR650R or L and call it a season…so much simpler to own. I worry about this girl just being in the garage. Amazing motorcycle, and I will definitely buy another one in the future!


How many bikes and/or motorcycles have you had to say goodbye to?

I swear I’ve been doing stuff with bicycles…

…and here’s some proof. It’s all I’ve got. These were taken at the Psi-clocross for Life in Woodstock, IL, presented by Psimet.

The fruits of my labor.

I’m going to school to be a photographer and I use my cell phone more than my $3k camera.

Here is what I see and do at work and play. This is every photo I’ve taken in the last 2 months.