People that rock in Chicago.


Comrade Cycles‘ Baily pictured, photo by Humble Framworks.

There has been a lot of pent-up bicycle energy here in the City. It’s good to see it being unleashed by rad folks.

I’ve been MIA, a not riding bikes much. I’m gonna do some hard review/photo/selfie work in the next couple of weeks. Almanzo is up next weekend.

It will suck.


Montrose Beach selects

Good times again. A lot of sand. I’ve been riding the remains of the course this week…still tough.

Bike garbage from all over that’s worth knowing about.

I see more and more hipsters/kids doing tricks on fixed gear bikes. It makes me hang my head in shame, then the urge to kill rises. This guy puts it perfectly: Why I don’t like anything besides bmx. Just buy a bmx bike. Enough said.

John Prolly over at Prolly is not Probably is a bicycle culture historian, bike shop traveler, photo journalist, and Merckx fanatic, and every Monday he makes a post in honor of the Belgian cyclist and his bicycle company that you should check out: Merckx Mondays. I will no longer bother posting E Merckx stuff, just go there.

New Belguim

The New Belgium Urban Assault ride is coming to Chicago on September 12th! Sign up if you already haven’t! I’ll be there! Sign up here!

Cycling WMD posted a whole page of bike-porn from his archives. I had been looking through his archives all weekend because of boredom, and on Monday, he made that time seem even more wasted by posting all of the best shit on the front page. Follow that blog. So much bike porn, and the writer Alan is a burgeoning frame builder and walking track bike encyclopedia. Here’s the post containing the jerk material. (Prolly beat me to this post too, I see.)