Who says mixte’s can’t be rad?



Plenty of fresh e*thirteen mountain parts on this Kona Coco.

Check out more at the Kona Cog.


Winter commuting rig: Surly KARATE MONKEY.

I wanted the Krampus so badly for about a week, but I wised up a realized I should ride one before I buy one. So, I shall wait for Johnny Sprockets to get some in stock in the spring to give one a whip. Sizing might be an issue also, so there is another reason to wait and ride. I still want a Neck Romancer Pug, so that still might be in the cards first.

Onto my short-term, immediate gratification solution to feed my Krampus desires:


So far, it’s too much fun, and it still hasn’t been on any real trails. I’ve just been bashing it around the city.

I did a custom build with the help of Manuel at Johnny Sprockets. Highlights are X9 shifting, BB7 brakes, Stylo crank, e*Thirteen XCX chain retainer, Mavic Crossmax 29 rims, Hussefelt cockpit, and Clement X’plor MSO tires, all of which I will try to review individually, or maybe in one later complete post about the bike after I pound the crap out of it over the winter.

For once, though, this bike is causing me to look forward to the winter, the brutal commutes and training, instead of dreading the hell out of biking through all the junk that midwest winters decide to crap out. I still want some fancier bits, but those will come over the winter. I pretty much want everything from e*Thirteen.

So now I have two bikes again, and the world is as it should be.

I swear that Giant TCX post is coming. I passed 60-some people with it last Sunday, and it took the beer spray and honey-bun stickyness like a champ. Good things.